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The Northern Territory is home to spectacular natural rock formations, Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), which are sacred to the Aboriginal peoples and which have become major tourist attractions. There are very small settlements scattered across the Territory but the larger population centres are located on the Stuart Highway.

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Popular Destinations: Alice SpringsAyers RockDarwin… and more

• Alice Springs

Destination Guide Alice Springs, Australia

The modern town of Alice Springs has both European and Aboriginal influences. The town's focal point, the Todd Mall, hosts a number of Aboriginal art galleries and community events. Alice Springs' desert lifestyle has inspired several unique events, such as the Camel Cup, the Henley-on-Todd Regatta, Beanie Festival and the Tatts Finke Desert Race …

• Ayers Rock

Destination Guide Ayers Rock, Australia

Ayers Rock, or Uluru, is notable for appearing to change colour at different times of the day and year, most notably when it glows red at dawn and sunset. Kata Tjuta, also called Mount Olga or The Olgas, lies 25 km (16 mi) west of Uluru. Special viewing areas with road access and parking have been constructed …

• Darwin

Destination Guide Darwin, Australia

In 1839, HMS Beagle sailed into Darwin harbour during its surveying of the area. John Clements Wickham named the region "Port Darwin" in honour of their former shipmate Charles Darwin, who had sailed with them on the ship's previous voyage …

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» Arnhem Land

Arnhem Land, Darwin

Arnhem Land, one of Australia's wildest and most sacred areas, lies at the lush northern tip of the continent. It was declared an Aboriginal Reserve in 1931 and remains a place of strong tradition with a distinctive culture and famous artwork, while also staying largely untouched by European colonization. The beautiful landscapes provided by the area's diverse ecosystems include rugged coastlines, rivers, remote islands, a rainforest, woodlands and bluffs …

» Edith Falls

Edith Falls, Darwin

Located in Nitmiluk National Park in the Top End of the Northern Territory, Edith Falls offer gorgeous views over the river, tiers of rock pools and waterfalls that cascade through the gully. All that, along with the area's wildlife, makes Edith Falls one of Australia's most picturesque -- not to mention underrated -- natural attractions. The falls are full of water year-round, but the clear, dry season between May and September is the best time to visit …

» Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park, Darwin

Kakadu National Park has a feeling and a beauty unlike anywhere else on earth. With its sandstone escarpments looming up from the plain, its secret waterholes and lily-strewn waterways, its teeming birdlife and ancient rock art, it's a place that will get a hold on something old in your soul. It's Australia's largest national park, clocking in at a mindboggling 1.7 million hectares (4.2 million acres). In that vast space shelters a staggering multiplicity of fauna …

» Karlu Karlu

Karlu Karlu, Darwin

Formed by millions of years of erosion and precariously perched in the desert, Karlu Karlu (or 'the Devil's Marbles') is one of the most famous geologic sites in Australia's desert interior. Located on the lonely stretch of highway between Alice Springs and Darwin, Karlu Karlu is a sacred stretch of rock strewn Australian landscape. A few of these rounded, eroded 'marbles' are upwards of 20 feet wide, and are delicately perched on top of each other in ways that barely seem real …

» Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon, Ayers Rock

The red sandstone walls of Kings Canyon rise abruptly from tranquil pools and pockets of cycads and vegetation in the middle of the red centre desert. The prized activity here is the 2.5 km (1.5 mile) return Kings Creek Walk around the rim of the canyon to a lookout for fabulous views of the lush Garden of Eden. The reward for taking on the longer 4-hour walk is even better views including the rock formation known as the Lost City …

» Larapinta Trail

Larapinta Trail, Alice Springs

Running from Alice Springs to Mt Sonder, the 139-mile (223-km) Larapinta Trail is one of Australia's Great Walks and connects some of the West MacDonnell Ranges' biggest attractions, including Simpson's Gap, the Finke River, Glen Helen Gorge and the landmark known as Ochre Pits. While the entirety takes several days to hike, the trail is divided into 12 sections, each of which can be completed as a day or overnight hike …

» Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park, Darwin

Renowned for its spectacular scenery, monsoonal rainforests, spring-fed streams and waterfalls, Litchfield National Park is perhaps best known for its magnetic termite mounds, immense sculptural cairns built by termites and aligned perfectly from north to south. They make quite the landscape feature - like miniature alien skyscrapers. But it's the waterfalls, cascading from a sandstone plateau called the Tabletop Range, which draw the crowds …

» MacDonnell Ranges

MacDonnell Ranges, Alice Springs

Offering spectacular views both east and west of Alice Springs, the MacDonnell Ranges are a 400 mile (644 kilometer) stretch of mountain ranges. The ranges hold some of the Northern Territory's finest attractions including the ancient ghost gums and rock wallabies at the majestic Simpson's Gap, the stark beauty of Standley Chasm in the midday sun and the secluded waterholes of Serpentine Gorge and Ellery Creek Big Hole …

» Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) National Park

Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) National Park, Darwin

Nitmiluk (also called Katherine Gorge) is the deep path cut through the sandstone by the Katherine River, and the Nitmiluk Katherine Gorge National Park is where you can go to lap up the luscious experience of the Gorge, whether that be swimming in it (sometimes with harmless freshwater crocodiles), canoeing in it, hiking around it, gazing it from an observation deck, flying over it on a helicopter...or any combination of the above …

» Nourlangie

Nourlangie, Darwin

Nourlangie, also known as Burrunggui, is an escarpment in Kakadu National Park filled with over 20,000 years' worth of Aboriginal history, making it a site of extreme cultural importance. Burrunggui, an Aborigine word, refers to the higher parts of the rocks, while the word Anbangbang references the lower parts. The rock art and archaeological details here illustrate the social and environmental history of the Top End area …

» Ormiston Gorge

Ormiston Gorge, Alice Springs

Located in the West MacDonnell Ranges, Ormiston Gorge showcases the amazing geology and landforms of the area. Along with a near-permanent waterhole estimated to be up to 45 feet (14 meters) deep, Ormiston Gorge shows towering walls of red earth iconic to the Australian outback. The gorge is an important wildlife refuge, a status cemented when the long-tailed dunnart and central rock rat were rediscovered in the area after it was thought they had died out …

» Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Ayers Rock

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is a World Heritage Area and iconic Australian destination. Preserved within the park are two of Australia's most striking natural landmarks: Ayers Rock (Uluru) and the Olgas (Kata Juta). The park is co-managed by the Anangu people and the Australian government. The traditional owners run walking tours through the park and co-manage the park's cultural center which provides valuable insights into the land's significance for Anangu culture …

» Western MacDonnell Ranges

Western MacDonnell Ranges, Ayers Rock

In the heart of Australia's Red Centre lie the Western MacDonnell ranges. 1,500 kilometres south of Darwin and just west of the infamous Alice Springs, the western MacDonnell Ranges offer an enchanting look into an ancient culture and an even older landscape. The best ways to explore the often rugged territory are by 4WD, motor-home, or even on bike -a mode of transport that is surprisingly well catered for, with even the famous Simpson's Gap providing a seven kilometre section of sealed bike track …

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The Northern Territory is a mainly tropical region of Australia, with a substantial amount of desert areas and with a very small population. It is however home to several of Australia's most noted and internationally famous natural features, and attracts many tourists.


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The Northern Territory is a federal territory of Australia. The capital city is Darwin; the other two sizable settlements are Alice Springs (in the desert interior, 1,500 kilometres (930 mi) to the south) and Katherine (near the base of the Top End). It is the largest territory in Australia by area.

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