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The Northern Territory is a mainly tropical region of Australia, with a substantial amount of desert areas and with a very small population. It is however home to several of Australia's most noted and internationally famous natural features, and attracts many tourists.

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• Alice Springs

Alice Springs Tours, Travel & Activities

The thriving outback town of Alice Springs rises out of an endless expanse of red dirt and rugged ranges. What began 135 years ago as a simple telegraph station has developed into a modern low-rise metropolis. Along the way, "the Alice" has built a reputation as the regional base for hordes of visitors touring Australia's Top End and the Red Centre, from Uluru (Ayers Rock) to the Olgas …

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• Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock Tours, Travel & Activities

Nothing in Australia is as readily identifiable as Uluru (Ayers Rock). If you travel to Ayers Rock during the afternoon, it appears as an ocher-brown color, scored and pitted by dark shadows. As the sun sets, it illuminates the rock in burnished orange, then a series of deeper and darker reds before it fades into charcoal. Don't assume, however, that a distant glimpse of this geological marvel will suffice - a close-up, extended viewing of the rock's contours is a must …

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• Darwin

Darwin Tours, Travel & Activities

Darwin, the capital of northern Australia, is closer to Jakarta than it is to Sydney, and closer to Singapore than it is to Melbourne, so it should come as no surprise that it looks outward to Asia as much as it looks inland to the rest of Australia. This proximity and familiarity with Australia's northern neighbors is reflected in Darwin's relaxed, cosmopolitan, tropical atmosphere. In a country that prides itself on its ethnic diversity, Darwin may be the most multicultural city of all …

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The Northern Territory is a federal territory of Australia. The capital city is Darwin; the other two sizable settlements are Alice Springs (in the desert interior, 1,500 kilometres (930 mi) to the south) and Katherine (near the base of the Top End). It is the largest territory in Australia by area.


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Territory Guide

Destination Northern Territory, Australia

There are many very small settlements scattered across the Northern Territory but the larger population centres are located on the single sealed road that links Darwin to southern Australia, the Stuart Highway …

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