Destination Germany

Germany (Deutschland in German) is a country in Central Europe and a founding member of the European Union. It is bordered to the north by Denmark, to the east by Poland and the Czech Republic, to the south by Austria and Switzerland, and to the west by France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands

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» Destination Berlin

Destination Berlin, Brandenburg

Berlin is best known for its historical associations as the German capital, for its lively nightlife, for its many cafes, clubs, and bars, and for its numerous museums, palaces, and other sites of historic interest. Berlin's architecture is quite varied and it is now possible to see representatives of many different historic periods …

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» Destination Munich

Destination Munich

When Germans are polled about where they would most like to live, Munich finds its way consistently to the top of the list. Being within easy driving distance of the Alps, Italy and the Mediterranean, the Czech Republic, Austria and some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe, it's not surprising everyone wants to be there! …

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» Destination Baden Wurttemberg

Destination Baden Wurttemberg, Germany

Baden-Wurttemberg borders on Switzerland to the south, on France to the west, and on the German states of Rhineland-Pfalz (northwest), Hessen (north) and Bayern (east). Its principal cities include Stuttgart, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Heidelberg, Heilbronn, Ludwigsburg, Ulm, Tubingen, Pforzheim and Reutlingen …

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» Destination Bavaria

Destination Bavaria, Germany

Bavarians commonly emphasize pride in their traditions. Traditional costumes are worn on special occasions, century-old folk music is practised and dialect songs and poems are taught in nursery schools. The May Poles, and the bagpipes in the Upper Palatinate region bear witness to the ancient Celtic and Germanic roots …

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» Destination Brandenburg

Destination Brandenburg, Germany

In late medieval and early modern times, Brandenburg was one of seven electoral states of the Holy Roman Empire, and, along with Prussia, formed the original core of the German Empire, the first unified German state. Governed by the Hohenzollern dynasty beginning in 1415, it contained the future German capital Berlin

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» Destination Hesse

Destination Hesse, Germany

The principal cities of Hesse include Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, Offenbach, Hanau, Gießen, Wetzlar, and Limburg in the greater Rhine Main Area, Fulda in the east, and Kassel and Marburg an der Lahn in the north. The countryside is hilly and there are numerous mountain ranges …

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» Destination North Rhine-Westphalia

Destination North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

North Rhine-Westphalia is situated in the Western part of Germany and shares borders with Belgium and the Netherlands. It has borders with the German states of Lower Saxony to the North and Northeast, Rhineland-Palatinate to the Southwest and Hesse to the Southeast. The capital city is Dusseldorf. The largest city is Cologne …

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While relatively small by world standards, Germany's attractions tend to be bigger than in the surrounding European neighbour countries, which is no surprise as Germany is the biggest country in Central Europe, runs Europe's biggest economy, and has the largest population on the continent (excluding Russia). …

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Berlin has been touted as one of the world's coolest big cities since the early 90s. The world's most famous beer culture is centered around Southern Germany's leading city (Munich), where beer is traditionally served in 1 liter mugs. Travel to magical Germany

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