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Central Greece is the most populous geographical region of Greece, and the second largest in area of the country. It is located to the north of the Peloponnese and to the south of Thessaly and Epirus, bordering the Aegean Sea to the east, the Ionian Sea to the west and the Corinthian Gulf to the south.

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• Delphi

Delphi Hotels, Central Greece

Delphi is both an archaeological site and a modern town in Greece on the south-western spur of Mount Parnassus in the valley of Phocis. In Greek mythology, Delphi was the site of the Delphic oracle, the most important oracle in the classical Greek world …

• Arachova

Arachova Hotels, Central Greece

Arachova is a town located in the western part of the prefecture of Viotia. It is one of the highest towns and a stunny sight when the clouds - which you can touch - roll through town. It is connected with curvy roads westward to Delphi and villages near the Gulf of Corinth and Distomo …

Regions of Central Greece: Agrafa SkiAitoloakarnaniaBoeotiaEvrytaniaFokida
FthiotidaKarpenision SkiOrini NafpaktiaParnassos SkiPertouli Ski

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» Agrinion

Agrinion Hotels, Central Greece

Agrinion dates back to ancient times. Ancient Agrinion was 3 km northeast of the present city; some walls and foundations of which have been excavated. In medieval times and until 1836, the city was known as Vrachori …

» Galaxidi

Galaxidi Hotels, Central Greece

Galaxidi is a town and a former municipality in the southern part of Phocis, Greece. It is part of the municipality Delphi. It has a small harbor on the Gulf of Corinth. The Greek National Road 48/E65 connects Galaxidi with Naupactus and Itea …

» Itea

Itea Hotels, Central Greece

Itea (Greek: meaning willow), is a town and a former municipality in the southeastern part of Phocis, Greece. It is part of the municipality Delphi. The Greek National Road connects Itea with Antirrio, Naupactus and Livadeia. It is located about 15 km from Delphi …

» Kamena Vourla

Kamena Vourla Hotels, Central Greece

Kamena Vourla is a town and a former municipality in Phthiotis, Greece. It is crossed by the main highway connecting Athens and Thessaloniki. It is the closest modern town to the site of the battle of Thermopylae (480 B.C.) …

» Karpenisi

Karpenisi Hotels, Central Greece

Karpenisi, also Karpenissi, is a town in central Greece. The area around Karpenisi are mountainous while farmlands are mainly in valley areas. Karpenisi's industry are urban and rural in the outskirts. Agriculture today dominates the outskirts …

» Lamia

Lamia Hotels, Central Greece

Lamia has a continuous history since antiquity, and is today the capital of the peripheral unit of Phthiotis and of Central Greece. One account says that the city was named after the mythological figure of Lamia, the daughter of Poseidon, and queen of the Trachineans …

» Livadeia

Livadeia Hotels, Central Greece

Livadeia is the capital of the prefecture Boeotia, located 130 km NW of Athens, E of Nafpaktos, SE of Lamia and west of Chalkida. The area around Livadeia are mountainous while farmlands are mainly in valley areas …

» Messolongi

Missolonghi Hotels, Central Greece

Missolonghi is known as the site of a dramatic siege during the Greek War of Independence, and of the death of poet Lord Byron. The town is located between the Acheloos and the Evinos rivers and has a port on the Gulf of Patras. In ancient times, the land was part of the gulf …

» Nafpaktos

Nafpaktos Hotels, Central Greece

Naupactus or Nafpaktos is the second largest town of Aetolia-Acarnania (after Agrinio), situated on a bay on the north side of the straits of Lepanto. The harbour, one of the most scenic on the northern coast of the Corinthian Gulf, is accessible only to the smallest craft …

• Island of Evia in Central Greece

» Chalkis

Chalkis Hotels, Central Greece

Chalcis or Chalkida, the chief town of the island of Euboea in Greece, is situated on the strait of the Evripos at its narrowest point. The name is preserved from antiquity and is derived from the Greek for copper or bronze, though there is no trace of any mines in the area …

» Eretria

Eretria Hotels, Central Greece

Eretria was a polis in Ancient Greece, located on the western coast of the island of Euboea (modern Evia), south of Chalcis, facing the coast of Attica across the narrow Euboian Gulf. There is a modern Greek town of the same name on the ancient site …

» Karystos

Karystos Hotels, Central Greece

Karystos is a small coastal town on the Greek island of Euboea. It has about 7,000 inhabitants. From Athens it is accessible by ferry via the Rafina port. Its urban plan was laid out by the renown Bavarian civil engineer Bierbach, near the site of the ancient city of Carystus …

• All Central Greece

Central Greece Hotels, Greece

If you are looking for a particular hotel or location of Central Greece, or prefer to search for your accommodation by category, amenities, traveller ratings and reviews, or location to the towns and attractions on the map (and check out the Google earth options for a really great view), then please click here …

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Central Greece Hotels & Accommodation

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Delphi Tours & Travel

Delphi is the second-most important archeological site in Greece (after the Acropolis in Athens). In ancient times Delphi was considered the place where heaven and earth met so the gods were close-by. Established around the 7th century BC, Delphi was a sanctuary to the god Apollo. It was here that the Oracle of Delphi was situated, the most trusted oracle in the ancient world from which the spirit of Apollo gave advice on everything from domestic matters to wars.

Delphi had a theatre and temples as well as the oracle, and has a well preserved stadium which once held chariot races. These were excavated from the mid-1800s and today the ruins stand impressively in their mountain landscape. Many believe the place to have a special magic and report being moved spiritually when visiting Delphi. Ancient engravings on the stone such as 'Know Thyself' and 'Nothing in Excess' could be from today's self-help movement …

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Magical Journeys to Greece

The Aegean Sea lies to the east of Mainland Greece, the Ionian Sea to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Greece is home to the first advanced civilizations in Europe and is considered the birthplace of Western civilization …

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