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Greece is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world. The earliest evidence of Greek wine has been dated to 6,500 years ago where wine was produced on a household or communal basis. In ancient times, as trade in wine became extensive, it was transported from end to end of the Mediterranean; Greek wine had especially high prestige in Italy under the Roman Empire.

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• Athens

Athens Wine Tasting & Winery Tours

Enjoy a private tour from Athens along the Peloponnese wine trail exploring two of the most outstanding wineries, the Namea winery producing distinctive regional wines such as the Agiorgitiko and the world renowned historic Achaia Clauss Winery established in 1854 and still producing among others, the original Mavrodaphne. Professionally guided wine tours & tasting is included at each location and a city tour of Patra …

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• Cephalonia

Cephalonia Wine Tasting & Winery Tours

Join a premium wine tasting in Kefalonia, on a truly unforgettable experience and discover the diversity and the secrets of the indigenous Greek wines. During the tasting you will discover a whole new world of tastes, aromas, flavors and senses. This premium wine tasting is offering 10 different wines from all Greek wine producing regions and it's a must-do for every wine lover. Varieties like Assyrtiko, Malaguzia, Robola, Moschofilero, Vidiano, Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko, Limnio, Mavrotragano, Kotsifali, Mavrodafne …

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• Crete

Crete Wine Tasting & Winery Tours

Enjoy a wine tasting of Cretan Greek wines, see the sunken city of Sfendili and explore typical Cretan mountain villages. Savor four varietals of wine alongside traditional Cretan snacks during a wine-tasting experience at a cellar in Chania! Led by a passionate and knowledgeable Cretan wine expert, the tasting session offers an introduction to the history of the island's wine and its esteemed varietals …

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• Mykonos

Mykonos Wine Tasting & Winery Tours

The island of Mykonos boasts of local people that are very proud of its traditions and that could keep its culture alive through many centuries of lively history. How did the Myconians live and which traditions are being kept until today? Our excursion deals with these subjects. The second part of the tour is dedicated to the history of the Greek wines which we learn all about in a traditional taverna at our wine tasting …

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• Peloponnese

Peloponnese Wine Tasting & Winery Tours

On this daily trip of wine, we visit the endless vineyards of Nemea and we experience a unique combination of traditional Greek wine with a little history of Ancient Greece. Nemea, located in Peloponnese, is the place where Hercules killed the lion and performed the first of his 12 labors. During our tour we visit two wineries of the region, we taste unique varieties of wines, accompanied by Greek dishes and we discuss the details of wine-making …

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• Santorini

Santorini Wine Tasting & Winery Tours

Santorini's wine making heritage draws back 4000 years. This tour gives you the opportunity to discover the history and process of wine making by visiting three wineries that produce wine internationally known for their taste. In the Neolithic settlement discovered in 1967, numerous of evidence indicated the existence of viniculture as far back as the Bronze age. Athiri, Assyrtico and Mandelaria are some of the many unique original varieties. Today more than 14,000 sqm of vineyards are planted in Santorini …

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• Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Wine Tasting & Winery Tours

Discover the town of Naoussa, a well-hidden destination in Northern Greece. This place is a real find for the wine connoisseurs, nature and hiking lovers. Hike into a magnificent mountain among vineyards, and taste fruits directly from the tree. Become acquainted with 'Xinomavro', a wine with deep color, impressive volume and a particularly aromatic character. At the first winery, we will be guided and get the opportunity to taste a variety of selected wines accompanied by local food specialties …

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• All Greece & Greek Islands

ALL Greece Tours, Travel & Activities

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Having exported chaos, drama, tragedy and democracy before most nations were staying up late enough to want souvlaki, Greece boasts an unrivaled legacy. But don't expect a trip to Greece to be a sober study of the ancient world - the Greek propensity for partying dates back to Dionysus …

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Beyond Athens there's the blindingly bright islands, ancient fragments abound - the belly button of the cosmos at Delphi, fallen columns galore on the sacred island of Delos, frescoed Minoan palaces on Crete and even, quite possibly, the remnants of Atlantis at Santorini. Greece is an amazing country, and tackling its many charms - beach, food, nightlife, ruins, museums - can take the better part of a happy lifetime …

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Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic and known since ancient times as Hellas, is a country located in southeastern Europe. Athens is the nation's capital and largest city, followed by Thessaloniki, which is commonly referred to as the co-capital. Greece is strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. …

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