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Ireland is a land steeped in history and known for its misty green countryside, its culture and tradition (including legends and folklores), and its warm-hearted and friendly people. Ireland is a small country with picturesque countryside. If you want to explore some destinations that are off-the-beaten-track, Ireland has plenty of them.

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• Dublin

Dublin Tours, Travel & Activities

With its indelible Irish charm and Guinness-fueled camaraderie, Dublin is the kind of city where outsiders feel immediately at home. This is a city that has fought fiercely for its independence, both politically and creatively, and it's this enduring Irish spirit that makes it so captivating. As a UNESCO City of Literature, Dublin has played muse to a host of literary talent over the years and the city is still a hotbed of artistic innovation …

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• Northern Ireland

• Belfast

Belfast, Northern Ireland Tours, Travel & Activities

Belfast is buzzing. Massive investment combined with the optimism engendered by the peace process have transformed Northern Ireland's capital into a boom town, and its old bombs and bullets reputation has given way to a new designer Belfast, typified by hip hotels such as TENsq and the Malmaison, elegant restaurants like Roscoff and Michael Deane, and the trendy boutiques that line Lisburn Rd …

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• Western Ireland

• Galway

Galway Tours, Travel & Activities

With the mighty Cliffs of Moher and enchanting Dunguaire Castle presiding over the coastline; Ireland's largest lake, Lough Corrib, submerging the central lowlands; and the rugged plains of Connemara National Park sprawling along the foothills of the famous Twelve Bens mountain range, County Galway envelops many of Western Ireland's most undeniably scenic regions. Galway city itself, the 'City of the Tribes', is at the heart of the region, renowned as the most 'Irish' of Ireland's cities …

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• Clifden

Clifden Tours, Travel & Activities

The Burren National Park covers a remarkable 1,500ha of limestone pavement, hazel scrub, woodland, turloughs, springs and cliffs. Originating from the Irish word 'Boireann' meaning rocky place you cannot fail to be impressed by this truly mesmeric landscape. The Connemara village of Roundstone is beautifully set on one of the most spectacular coastal drives in Ireland overlooking the Atlantic at the foot of Errisbeg Mountain, it is no surprise that International artists have drawn their inspiration …

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• Sligo

Sligo Tours, Travel & Activities

There is much more to Strandhill village than just the surf. Strandhill is at the centre of an ancient prehistoric ritual landscape, so come explore and learn more with our friendly and informative local guides. After an invigorating morning surf, join a local surfer and historian and learn about the history of Strandhill Beach and the Coolera peninsula. Find out who was the first surfer in Strandhill, who founded the fifth century religious settlement of Killaspugbrone …

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• Southwest Ireland

• Killarney

County Kerry Tours, Travel & Activities

The main tourist town of County Kerry, Killarney is a well-oiled hub for holiday-makers, its name synonymous with leprechauns, souvenirs and coach tours. With more places to stay than anyplace outside Dublin, Killarney has been famous as a tourist town since the mid-17th century. While you'll be beguiled by the souvenir shops, there are also some excellent craft galleries and pubs featuring live "trad" Irish music …

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• Cobh

Cobh Tours, Travel & Activities

Titanic Experience Cobh is located in the original White Star Line Ticket Office in the centre of Cobh (formally Queenstown) the departure point for the final 123 Passengers who boarded Titanic on the morning of April 11th 1912. The tour is presented in two parts, the first is an immersive audio visual tour retracing the footstepes of the 123 Passengers. With Fourth Officer Boxall as your virtual guide and with the use of innovative audio visual technology and replica set designs …

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• Cork

Cork Tours, Travel & Activities

Trace the history of Irish whiskey through the ages at the Jameson Experience in Midleton, Cork. Take a guided tour around the well-preserved Jameson Distillery. Hear the story of John Jameson and the influential Jameson brand, the best-selling Irish whiskey in the world. Learn about the distillation processes and see the old kilns, mills and casks. Gain insight into the ancient art of making whiskey barrels, before finishing up in the Jameson Bar …

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• Kenmare

Kenmare Tours, Travel & Activities

The "Ring of Kerry" is a spectacular scenic route in south west Ireland. A private tour with us is the best way to enjoy all the sights and scenery the route has to offer. You can fully be in charge of the itinerary. Compared with coach tours, we can make more stops (of your choice) and travel to places where buses have no access. The Ring of Kerry is a world-famous route following the N70, N71 and R562 roads in a circular direction around the Iveragh peninsula …

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• Ring of Kerry

Ring of Kerry Tours, Travel & Activities

The Ring of Kerry is a world-famous route following the N70, N71 and R562 roads in a circular direction around the Iveragh peninsula. The route starts in the town Killarney and passes through the towns and villages of (in order): Killorglin, Cahersiveen, Waterville, Sneem, Kenmare, and finally back to Killarney. A private tour of the Ring of Kerry has great advantages. Of course you can visit the well known places of interest - Muckross House and Gardens, Coomakista Pass, Kerry Bog Village …

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• Tipperary

Tipperary Tours, Travel & Activities

When you arrive you will be greeted by the friendly staff and two jack russell terriers. You will fill in your registration form and be fitted with a riding hat and boots, if you do not have your own. Once you have mounted up you will have a riding assessment with a qualified instructor and the pace of the ride will be tailored to the abilities of your party. Then, accompanied by a guide, you will ride through our yard and up into the mountains. Even on cloudy days the views are spectacular …

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• Tralee

Tralee Tours, Travel & Activities

Isolated from the rest of Ireland by the impressive landscape, the Dingle Discovery Day Tour will take you where the locals go. Follow a coastal trail on windswept cliffs, perched above beautiful coastlines. Sample the fresh seafood and local craft beers in the bustling and colourful Dingle Harbour town. For the active traveller who wants to experience a real slice of Irish life, this compact day adventure tops the menu. Enjoy the flora and wildlife of both the rocky sea cliff and hedgerow …

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• South East Ireland

• Kilkenny

Kilkenny Tours, Travel & Activities

Take a 2 hour trip down the ancient Irish Sporting heritage of Hurling. We provide a unique sporting experience giving you an insight into the worlds Oldest (3000 yrs) and fastest field game in the true Home Of Hurling Champions - Kilkenny. Join us for two Hours of Hurling fun in the Home of the Famous Kilkenny Cats. International Visitors have little or no knowledge of our National game and this activity is a great way of teaching them a hands on experience of our culture and heritage …

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• Waterford

Waterford Tours, Travel & Activities

Visit Bishops Palace Museum. This magnificent Georgian residence is a must-see attraction. Experience authentic grand eighteenth century living in this beautiful Georgian building. Don't miss the oldest surviving piece of Waterford Crystal in the world dating back to 1789, and the Napoleon Bonaparte's Mourning Cross; the only one to survive out of the original twelve that were made on his death. Take the multi-media handheld guide or enjoy a family friendly tour with a costumed performer …

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• Wicklow

Wicklow Tours, Travel & Activities

The Wicklow National Park with its unique topography is aptly named the 'Garden' of Ireland. Corrie lakes, U-shaped valleys, alpine heath and mountain cliffs captivate the visitor in a largely uninhabited landscape with vistas of the Irish Sea. Discover the valleys of Glenmalure and the Glen of Immal, the rugged beauty of Lugnaquilla and experience the tranquillity of Glendalough a 6th century monastic settlement. Add to this the warmth of the people, the cosy pubs …

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• All Ireland

ALL Ireland Tours, Travel & Activities

If you would like to view a complete list of all Belfast Tours, Travel & Activities, you can search for great things to do by category, location, traveller reviews or price to plan the perfect magical journey.

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It's said that Ireland, once visited, is never forgotten, and for once the blarney rings true. The Irish landscape has a mythic resonance, the country's history is almost tangible, and its people seem put on earth expressly to restore faith in humanity …

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Ireland is the third-largest island in Europe. It lies in the Atlantic Ocean and is part of the British Isles. It is composed of the Republic of Ireland, which covers over 80% of the island, and Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom, which covers the northeastern sixth of the island. Most people in Irland live on or near the east coast …

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