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Northern Italy is the most developed and productive area of the country, and the first part of Italy to be industrialized in the last half of the 19th century, the so called industrial triangle formed by the manufacturing centres of Milan and Turin and the seaport of Genoa.

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• Bologna

Destination Bologna, Northern Italy

An important cultural and artistic centre, Bologna's importance in terms of landmarks can be attributed to a mixture of monuments and architectural examples -(medieval towers, antique buildings, churches, the layout of its historical centre - as well as works of art …

• Genoa

Destination Genoa, Northern Italy

Christopher Columbus, a native of Genoa, donated one-tenth of his income from the discovery of the Americas for Spain to the Bank of Saint George in Genoa. The Spanish connection was reinforced by Andrea Doria, who established a new constitution in 1528, making Genoa a satellite of the Spanish Empire …

• Milan

Destination Milan, Northern Italy

Milan is one of the largest cities in Italy, located in the plains of Lombardy, and is one of the most highly developed urban centres in Europe. In contrast to most of Italy, which is famous for a comfortable Mediterranean climate, Milan's summers are hot and very humid …

• Turin

Destination Turin, Northern Italy

Turin is a flourishing and cosmopolitan city, which enjoys state-of-the-art technology and architectural developments. The city boasts a rich culture and history, and is known for its numerous art galleries, restaurants, churches, palaces, opera houses, piazzas, parks, gardens, theatres, museums …

• Venice

Destination Venice, Northern Italy

Venice is world-famous for its canals. It is built on an archipelago of 118 islands formed by about 150 canals in a shallow lagoon. The islands on which the city is built are connected by about 400 bridges. In the old center, the canals serve the function of roads, and every form of transport is on water or on foot …

• Verona

Destination Verona, Northern Italy

Verona Verona has been awarded world heritage site status by UNESCO because of its urban structure and architecture: Verona is a splendid example of city that developed progressively and seamlessly in a two thousand year span, binding artistic elements of very high quality …

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» Portofino

Portofino, Genoa

The picturesque seaside town of Portofino is part of the Italian Riviera on the Ligurian coast, an easy day trip from Genoa and even a port of call on smaller Italian cruises. Like the villages of the Cinque Terre, Portofino was once a sleepy fishing town. Today, although fishing still takes place, the bulk of the town's revenue comes from the tourists who arrive in droves, unable to resist the allure of the pastel-painted houses lining the harbor. Unlike the Cinque Terre, Portofino is primarily a luxury resort destination today …

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Northern Italy Tours, Travel & ActivitiesNorthern Italy Tours & Activities

Northern Italy Tours, Travel & Activities

By far the larger portion of Northern Italy is occupied by the basin of the Po river, from the foot of the Apennines to that of the Alps, together with the valleys and slopes on both sides of it. Modern skiing resorts and medieval castles can be found in the majestic Dolomites.

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Places to Stay in Italy

Northwest Italy includes the regions of Lombardy, Liguria, Valle D'Aosta and Piedmont. There are there distinct geolocial characteristics to the area; the Alps, the flat plain, and the shoreline of the beautiful Mediterranean. Northeast Italy includes the regions of Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Trentino - Alto Adige, and Friuli-Venezia. Modern skiing resorts and medieval castles can be found in the majestic Dolomites to the north …

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