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The territory now known as Andalusia fell within the sphere of influence of ancient Mediterranean mythological beliefs. Phoenician colonization brought the cults of Baal and Melqart; the latter lasted into Roman times as Hercules, mythical founder of both Cadiz and Seville. The Islote de Sancti Petri held the supposed tomb of Hercules.

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• Cordoba

Cordoba, Spain

The old town contains many impressive architectural reminders of when Cordoba governed almost all of the Iberian peninsula. It has been estimated that in the 10th century and beginning of the 11th century, Cordoba was the most populous city in the world, and became the intellectual center of Europe …

• Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol, Spain

Spain's Costa del Sol is great for sport lovers, with nearly 40 golf clubs, several busy marinas, tennis courts, riding schools, swimming pools, gyms and beaches offering every imaginable water sport. In July and August it's a very good idea to ring ahead for a room …

• Granada

Granada, Spain

Granada is a city and the capital of the province of Granada, in the autonomous region of Andalusia, Spain. It is situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, at the confluence of two rivers, Darro and Genil, at an elevation of 738 metres above sea level. The Alhambra, a Moorish citadel and palace, is in Granada …

• Malaga

Malaga, Spain

Malaga's history spans about 2,700 years and is one of the oldest cities in the world. It was founded by the Phoenicians as Malaka about 770 BC. The internationally acclaimed painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso and actor Antonio Banderas were born in Malaga …

• Seville

Seville, Spain

Seville is more than 2,000 years old. The passage of the various civilizations, has left the city a distinct personality, and a large and well-preserved historical centre. Although it has a strong medieval, renaissance and baroque heritage, the city received heavy influences from Arabic culture …

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» Cadiz

Cadiz, Spain

History-rich cities are plentiful in Spain, but Andalucia's Cadiz has more than just a far-reaching past; it is believed to be the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the nation. Founded by the Phoenicians, the city - which sits on an island-like peninsula - has been occupied by Romans, Moors and Christians, and has a host of lingering sights that live on to prove it. Take a dive into Cadiz's history as you get lost in the tangle of alleys and plazas that make up its water-surrounded old town …

» El Tajo Gorge

El Tajo Gorge, Spain

The gorgeous old Moorish town of Ronda is high in the foothills of the Sierra de las Nieves and was occupied by the Phoenicians and Muslims before the Spanish re-conquered Andalusia in 1485. It teeters precariously atop the El Tajo Gorge, with jaw-dropping views across the rugged countryside, and is one of the few towns in the world to be split in two by a ravine. The rocky, sheer-sided limestone cliffs of El Tajo Gorge plummet 390 ft (120 m) to Guadalevín River far below and at its narrowest it is only 225 ft (68 m) wide …

» Frigiliana

Frigiliana, Spain

Medieval Frigiliana is a typically Andalusian pueblo blanco (white village) perched on a ridge in the hills east of Málaga above the vacation paradise of the Costa del Sol. Guarded by the photogenic remains of the ninth-century Moorish Lízar Castle, the village straggles uphill from its cliff-side promenade, which offers far-reaching panoramas towards the Mediterranean coast. Recently voted 'the prettiest village in Spain', the Moorish, Mudejar-style heart of Frigiliana is a maze of cobbled alleyways leading off the main street of Calle Real …

» Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

Spanish culture shines bright in the southern city of Jerez de la Frontera. Once inhabited by Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and ultimately Christians, it's a city now especially famous for three things: flamenco, horsemanship, and Sherry, the internationally known unfortified wine. Indeed, the city, and region around it - which is delineated by Jerez as well as two other cities, Sanlucar de Barrameda and Puerto de Santa Maria - make up the Sherry Triangle. This is where Sherry has its roots …

» Puente Nuevo

Puente Nuevo, Spain

The Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) is a major feat of 18th-century engineering uniting Ronda's old and new towns over El Tajo Gorge, the sheer limestone ravine that descends to the craggy bed of the Guadalevín River 390 ft below. Spanish architect José Martín de Aldehuela designed the bridge and construction began in 1759 but it was 42 years in the making. The best photo opportunity and viewpoint across the gorge is bang in the middle of the Puente Nuevo - just don't step back into the traffic …

» Ronda

Ronda, Spain

Settled by the Phoenecians around the 7th century BC, later conquered by the Muslims and finally settling under Spanish rule, Ronda has had a long and varied history marked by war, trade, and geographic wonder. Today, most visit the small town of Ronda in order to enjoy is rustic charms, photograph the dramatic landscape and taste some of the local wines of the region. Described by many travelers as a bit 'off the beaten path,' the somewhat circuitous road leading up to the town is marked by the beautiful Costa del Sol terrain …

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With strong Islamic roots and a history of unrelenting poverty, Andalucia is perhaps the least European part of western Europe; but the region's heritage is Spanish as well as Moorish. It gave us Velazquez, Picasso and Lorca …

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Andalusia is the most populous and the second largest, in terms of its land area, of the seventeen autonomous communities that constitute the Spanish nation. Its capital is Seville …

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