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Located in Europe and Asia, Turkey (Turkiye) is a country that spans these two continents. The Turkish Straits (Bosphorus, Sea of Marmara, and Dardanelles) divides Europe from Asia. That portion of Turkey to the west of the Bosphorus is geographically part of Europe while the rest of Turkey is part of West Asia.

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• Istanbul

Istanbul Hotels, Turkey

Istanbul embraces two continents, one arm reaching out to Asia, the other to Europe. The former capital of three successive empires - Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman - today Istanbul honors and preserves the legacy of its past while looking forward to its modern future …

• Antalya

Antalya Hotels & Resorts

Antalya is a large town and tourist destination, situated on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey. It is the capital city of Antalya Province. The population of the city reaches up to two million at the height of the tourism season. Situated on a steep cliff over the Mediterranean …

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» Ankara

Ankara Hotels, Turkey

Ankara is situated in the middle of the Anatolian plateau, which has been the cradle of many ancient civilizations.The city claims a rich heritage that dates back to prehistoric times and which it preserves with care as the capital city. Ankara is a political and cultural centre …

» Bodrum

Bodrum Hotels, Turkey

Heredotus, known as the father of history, was born in Bodrum in 484 BC.- and he said that Bodrum had been founded by the Dorians. The history of Bodrum, known as Halicarnassus or Halicarnassos goes back to the 13th century BC. Excavaties reveal the 5000 year old history of this town …

» Bursa

Bursa Hotels, Turkey

Bursa is a city in northwestern Turkey and the seat of Bursa Province. It is Turkey's fourth largest city, as well as one of the most industrialized and culturally charged metropolitan centers in the country. Bursa is settled on the northwestern slopes of Mount Uludag in the southern Marmara Region …

» Fethiye

Fethiye Hotels, Turkey

Fethiye is a city and a district of Mugla Province in the Aegean region of Turkey. It is a well-known tourist centres and is especially prized during the summer. Fethiye Museum, very rich in ancient and more recent artifacts, displays evidence of the successive chain of civilizations that inhabited the region …

» Goreme

Goreme Hotels, Turkey

Goreme, located among the "fairy chimneys" rock formations, is a town in Cappadocia, a historical region of Turkey. It is in the Nevsehir Province in Central Anatolia. The Goreme National Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985 …

» Izmir

Izmir Hotels, Turkey

Izmir is a busy commercial centre and the gateway to the Aegean Region. Magnificent coastline, the clear water of the Aegean, vast pristine beaches surrounded by olive groves, rocky crags and pine woods. Dotted with idyllic fishing harbours …

» Kusadasi

Kusadasi Hotels, Turkey

Kusadasi is a resort town on the Aegean coast of Turkey, near the ancient city of Ephesus, 90 km south of Izmir and a short distance across from the island of Samos. It is extremely popular as a tourist destination, both for its many beaches, and as the port for cruise ship passengers heading to Ephesus …

» Lara

Lara Hotels, Turkey

Lara is a district of Antalya city, Turkey. Lara is a balneoclimatic and balneoclimateric location borderingthe Mediterranean Sea. It is home to many themed hotels, mainly in the Kundu area. Most of the hotels are replicas of famous places around the world …

» Oludeniz

Oludeniz Hotels, Turkey

Oludeniz is a small resort village in the Mugla Province on the South West coast of Turkey on the Aegean Sea to the south and the high, steep sided Babadag Mountain, 14 km south of Fethiye. The town is a beach resort and Olu Deniz remains one of the most photographed beaches on the Mediterranean …

» Pamukkale

Pamukkale Hotels, Turkey

Pamukkale, meaning "cotton castle" in Turkish, is a natural site and attraction in south-western Turkey in the Denizli Province. The ancient city of Hierapolis was built on top of the white castle which is in total about 2700 meters long and 160m high. It can be seen from a great distance …

» Pendik

Pendik Hotels, Turkey

Pendik is a district of Istanbul, Turkey on the Asian side between Kartal and Tuzla, on the Marmara Sea. Until the 1970s Pendik was a rural area, far from the city. Today Pendik is a crowded mix of working class housing with more expensive apartments with sea views along the coast …

» Selcuk

Selcuk Hotels, Turkey

Selcuk is central town of Izmir Province, 18 km from Kusadasi, 3 km from Ephesus. Its name comes from the Seljuk Turks who settled in the region by the 12th century. Selcuk is one of the most visited touristic destinations within Turkey, known for its closeness to the ancient city of Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary …

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If you are looking for a particular town or hotel in Turkey, or prefer to search for your accommodation by category, amenities, traveller ratings and reviews, or location to the towns and attractions on the map (and check out the Google earth options for a really great view), then please click here …

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Magical Journeys to Turkey

Turkey has a very diverse culture derived from various elements of the Ottoman Empire, European, and the Islamic traditions. As Turkey successfully transformed from a religion-driven former Ottoman Empire into a modern nation-state with a very strong separation of state and religion, the increase in the methods of artistic expression followed …

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Destination Turkey

Turkey was created in 1923 from the Turkish remnants of the Ottoman Empire. Soon thereafter the country instituted secular laws to replace traditional religious fiats. In 1945 Turkey joined the UN, and in 1952 it became a member of NATO. The country's central authority for tourism is the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. …

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