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The volcanic island of St. Lucia is more mountainous than many other Caribbean islands, with the highest point being Mount Gimie, at 950 metres above sea level. Two other mountains, the Pitons, form the island's most famous landmark. They are located between Soufrière and Choiseul.

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» Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef

Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef

One of Saint Lucia's most beautiful beaches, Anse Chastanet enjoys a prime location in a sheltered cove within sight of the distinctive peaks of the Pitons. Much of the immediate hinterland is taken up by the Anse Chastanet resort, a development in harmony with its surrounds which still allows public use of the beach. There are few better places in the world for sipping on something fruity than the beach's bar, right on the sand …

» Cas en Bas Beach

Cas en Bas Beach

On the northern tip of St. Lucia's windward shore, Cas en Bas Beach is one of the best kitesurfing spots on the island, with regular tradewinds blowing onshore and a protected cove where the water stays calm and glassy. Kitesurfing St. Lucia offers lessons for all levels right off the beach. This somewhat secluded spot is the ideal destination for travelers who prefer a quiet place to swim and sunbathe away from the crowds and persistent vendors …

» Castries


Saint Lucia's pint-sized port capital Castries is usually experienced as a stopping-off point on the way to one of the island's beaches or resorts. While successive fires and hurricanes have periodically devastated the city there are still traces of the colonial era, when Saint Lucia bounced between French and British control. The Castries Heritage Walk will point out the city's historical highlights. Otherwise the city's greatest appeal lies in its relaxed lifestyle …

» Diamond Botanical Gardens

Diamond Botanical Gardens

Deep in a sheltered gorge at the foot of the Pitons, the Diamond Botanical Gardens is part of the Soufriere Estate, one of the oldest and best-preserved estates on the island, still owned by the original family to whom the land was granted by King Louis XIV in 1713. The gardens sit at the edge of the Sulphur Springs Park, and the rich volcanic soil nourishes an incredible collection of tropical plants and flowers. In addition to walking trails flanked by a lush mix of flora and fauna …

» Gros Piton

Gros Piton

Saint Lucia is one of the most mountainous Caribbean islands and of its numerous peaks the ones which will most surely stick in your mind are the Pitons. Together they're the country's number one landmark, but these aren't so much 'mountains' in the normal sense, as dramatic, conical outcrops looming over the sea. Gros Piton is the larger of the two (the other one being - logically enough - Petit Piton). It's a popular climbing destination …

» La Soufriere Volcano

La Soufriere Volcano

The sulfur springs which inspired the French name Soufrière, also known as La Soufriere Volcano, are referred to as 'the world's only drive-in volcano.' What this actually means in practical terms is that you can drive up to the dormant Qualibou volcano and visit springs, which still issue steam and other signs of geothermal life. The well-established health-giving properties of volcanic minerals draw many visitors, soaking themselves in hot springs …

» Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay

Could Marigot Bay be 'the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean' as novelist James A. Michener described it? It's certainly among the most photographed and filmed, its white sands, swaying palms, turquoise waters and verdant green hillsides ticking every box in the 'tropical paradise' questionnaire. Minimal development has ensured that this remains a dreamlike location, with the most obvious signs of life being the luxury yachts lolling in the bay …

» Marquis Estate

Marquis Estate

The site of a colonial-era sugar mill dating back to 1723, the Marquis Estate continued as a working plantation on the island for centuries, growing crops like sugar cane, coconuts and bananas. And now this historic estate is poised to become the home of St Lucia's newest five-star luxury resort. The 500-acre grounds will continue to overflow with mangoes, star fruit, orchids, jasmine and myriad other fragrant tropical flowers …

» Morne Coubaril

Morne Coubaril

This historic 18th-century Morne Coubaril Estate still features the original, now restored, plantation house along with a reproduction farm worker's village that depicts the plantation's centuries-long history of cotton, sugarcane, cocoa and coffee production. Crops like coconuts and manioc still grow on the estate in the traditional ways, and guided tours include demonstrations for husking coconuts, along with tastings of ripe cocoa and fresh-pressed cane juice …

» Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island National Park

St. Lucia's swaying palms and easygoing pace belie its often tempestuous history. Head to Pigeon Island National Park where traces of the island nation's former colonial rulers are closer to the surface than anywhere else. Fort Rodney, named for a British admiral, was established here in the 18th century and you can still see its fortifications and cannons, with views as far as Martinique to the north. The protected surrounds make for interesting and undemanding walks …

» Reduit Beach

Reduit Beach

The inviting stretch of sugar-soft sand along Rodney Bay is one of the largest and most popular beaches in St Lucia. Visitors looking for sunbathing, swimming and watersports can spend a day here and enjoy the convenience and amenities of the nearby town, including changing rooms and parking. Reduit Beach's golden shores offer commanding views across the bay to the verdant peaks of Pigeon Island National Park …

» Rodney Bay

Rodney Bay

Rodney Bay, on Saint Lucia's west coast, is almost completely enclosed but for a narrow channel leading out to sea. An ideal spot for mooring, in other words, and indeed this protected anchorage is Saint Lucia's foremost marina. Consequently nearby Reduit Beach, a stunning white-sand stretch facing the Caribbean, is a noted hangout of the rich and famous. Kite surfing is a local specialty if you can't bring yourself to lie on the beach all day …

» St. Lucia Cruise Port

St. Lucia Cruise Port

St. Lucia is one of the most lush and unspoiled of the Caribbean islands. With its pristine beaches and well-protected rain forests, St. Lucia is the ideal spot for travelers looking to get away from it all. Botanical gardens, hidden waterfalls, and the world's only drive-in volcano are some of the many attractions boasted by this island paradise. Cruise ships dock at Place Carenage or Pointe Seraphine. Both are within comfortable walking distance of downtown Castries …

» St Lucia Aerial Tram

St Lucia Aerial Tram

Imagine yourself able to soar above one of the planet's most majestic rainforests, experiencing what almost seems like a firsthand movie-reel of nature's exotic beauty. Well, in the Caribbean's beautiful St. Lucia, you can, with its Sky Canopy and Air Tram. This once in a lifetime joyride allows you to experience St. Lucia from an aerial view as high as 120 feet above ground, and includes a narration on its plush fauna, waterfalls, tree orchids, ferns, and amazing animal-life …

» St Lucia Rainforest

St Lucia Rainforest

Many visitors to Saint Lucia see nothing more than the coast, and only the Caribbean coast at that. But the rugged hinterland can offer more than just an exotic green background in your beach holiday snaps. Stretches of untouched rainforest are the green heart of St. Lucia, teeming with vegetation and local species such as the colorful St. Lucia Parrot. Much of the mountainous, largely unpopulated interior comes under the auspices of the Forestry Department …

» Sulphur Springs

Sulphur Springs

Billed as 'the Caribbean's only drive-in volcano,' Sulphur Springs Park is one of the most active geothermal sites in the Lesser Antilles. Guided tours through the caldera of the dormant Soufriere Volcano take about 30 minutes and allow visitors to explore the stark, lunar landscape pockmarked by steam vents and pools of boiling mud and water, where the air is tinged by the acrid scent of sulphur from the venting fumaroles …

» Vieux Fort

Vieux Fort

Vieux Fort, as its name implies, was settled as a French fort, an installation which dates to the 17th century and can still be visited today. The town later came to prominence as the center of the agriculture industry and it remains a busy commercial center to this day. The surrounding area is of more interest than the town itself. Start your explorations with stunning views at Saint Lucia's southernmost point, where a lighthouse looks south towards Saint Vincent …

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St. Lucia Tours, Travel & Activities

St. Lucia is an island in the Caribbean, off the coast of Central America. It lies between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago. The twin Pitons (Gros Piton and Petit Piton) are striking cone-shaped peaks south of Soufriere that are one of the scenic natural highlights of the Caribbean …

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St. Lucia is the perfect Caribbean island for your luxury holiday, with honey-coloured beaches, coral reefs, sulphur springs and magnificent waterfalls. You'll find the best beaches in the north or south-west of St Lucia, but for the truly dreamy palm-lined coves and bays scattered around the coast, you'll need to hop on a boat …

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